Sunday, March 29, 2009

goodbyes to another home

So. it has been a quite a few days since i have re-visited these pages. I don't know if perhaps chris and i have just gotten so used to the swing of things around here... settled in our ways of waking up late and drinking coffee until 4.00 (ahhh the life of the unemployed)... or if there has actually been quite a lot more going on around here ... perhaps a combination of both? in any case the weeks seem to have flown by... and tomorrow we will be transferring our lives once again to to the very small cabin in the very small valley of applegate. I am excited to be moving into the realms of a life of true simplicity.... while also quite nervous. it has been a long couple of weeks trying to decide what needs to come, what needs to be bought... what could have stayed in pennsylvania.... but which is now with us on our backs... or in the car :) but now... as i look at another living room filled with stuff (although not entirely packed which i am very intentionally avoiding in these moments) life feels ready again to move on. It feels like we are making the right step. Chris has a couple of job options on the horizon, we will learn, we will be fed and housed for atleast the next 8 months (which is truly a luxury in our economic times).

(and then the packing resumed...)
it is now a week later. I am sitting on what used to be our bedroom floor in corvallis. Chris and i have returned to pick up the last of our stuff... drums and banjos and coffee mugs and things. It is strange to be back here after spending some nights in the little cabin in the woods (pictures to come). There has been so much i have been wanting to write about, post about. Jeannie and Dan were here visiting... thank you guys so much!it was soooo wonderful to have friendly familiar faces, Jasper has been to visit, there have been more trips to the sea, and now a new life started in applegate. I suppose i am just someone who needs time to adjust. meditation before reflection.... and the time for meditation has not been at hand quite yet.... thus the lack of reflection.... thus the lack of blogs. So i apologize for my out of touchness with all of you whom i love in these past couple of weeks. hopefully - after tomorrow - things will fall into their place... fall into their pace. I am excited about embarking on this adventure. The people at the farm feel so good to me... and our cabin feels like quite a quaint little home. There was a new baby goat born yesterday.... and good spanglish conversation at dinner. and i am learning .. learning again. and that feels ever so wonderful. my mind feels awake again with yearning for questions unknown... and answers unfound. i feel hopeful in this new world.
So the pictures are soon to come! :)
and as a mark of detail and technicalities... christopher does not have cell phone service... so for all of ye who would like to contact him.... give my phone a call.
so i love you all. and hopefully time will present itself to return again into the blogosphere :)

a walk in the woods

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I HAVE A JOB :) :) :)

i just got a call this morning that i have a job! :) i am so excited to actually get back to work and start moving again. It has been wonderful spending the days reading and playing the banjo and learning the drums and late nights of card playing.... but i am also quite ready to re-enter the world of the employed! sooo here goes. yet another adventure. For those of you who want to check it out... its called blue fox farms. I had an interview with Chris- the farmer- last wednesday.... and it seems like they are doing wonderful things. He and his wife seem like the best of people. I am so excited to finally have a job and it feel so right. Here's the sight:

Monday, March 16, 2009

Oregon Coast

A well needed venture to the sea last weekend... brought the following pictures:

the death of the mermaids....

a sculpture on the shore made of recycled materials

Monday, March 9, 2009

photo burps

sorry all the pictures are out of line... i had them sooo nice and pretty for all of you but when i posted it was a lost cause :( hope you get the idea.

Oregon/ home

The Last Leg

Our first views of Oregon

NW 8th St

so... i know that a lot of these pictures are not the cleanest. I did entertain the thought of cleaning the house... so all you wonderful people would have a picture perfect view of what it looks like here... but i also realized that then you would all know i cleaned anyway (cause lets be honest i don't love cleaning) ... and lets be more honest: i didn't feel like cleaning. So just know- if any body comes to visist... be rest assured it will be cleaner than in these pictures... but until then... this is our new home :)

the living roomDay one: move in(before) after

the kitchen
kitchen (looking into the dining room)

the dining room

our first meal... spaghetti and meatballs.

the dining room now :) it has really good light! its my favorite room.

this is christopher's Buddha that we had stored in my can of espresso for the journey. Opening it up felt somehow transcendental? just beautiful in a very strange goofy way :)

our new bed! which took forever to find.

thank you ikea.

and our one "walk in" closet.

Chris with his new drum kit in the attic.So there it is ... and there lies the beginning of the ending of this journey. Sorry it took me so long to get the photographs of our house up... time seems to be slipping away quite fast. So on wednesday i have an interview at a farm in applegate (which is in vineyard country) ... so if all goes well on that front... we may only be in our new little home for another month. But thus far it has been serving us quite well :) Thanks for joining us on the trip. I miss you all here. Life is much quieter without friends and famliy around the corner.... or even in the next state :).... but somehow life seems to be going -right now- just as it is meant to. I am just curious as to exactly where that is.