Sunday, April 19, 2009

babies being born

my apologies for being absent from the blogosphere. the weeks seem to have been flying by at immense speed... and time found for sitting and sharing pictures feels very rare. but i shall try in the next few minutes ( as chris is making pad thai on the shared stove)... to atleast upload some new pictures of our new lives. Starting: the new baby goats that have been born here in the past two weeks. I never knew goats could be such a delightful addition to life, but so they are. and here they are:


  1. Oh...cute! I didn't realize you had animals. How's Chris's pad thai?

  2. anna. . . you've got to tell me what is going on with their heads! are those surgically implanted things to stop them from growing horns? do they wander all the way over to your land or are they caged?

    you know i have always wanted goats! the perfect lawn mower. . .