Tuesday, July 21, 2009


i am sorry it has been so long since i have posted. as is evident by these words being a link (seemingly unrepairable)...my computer has been acting a bit quirky... as has the internet connection around these parts. but i wanted to get a few photos up. chris and i went to the beach for my birthday. it was absolutely beautiful.
our picnic spot
so that is that. hopefully soon i shall have time to post a few more photos. my friends hannah and dave came a few weeks ago ... which was absolutely lovely!... and i have been planting and planting in the green house.... which has been exciting. it feels good for the soul.

i hope all is well on the east coast. although the pacific is absolutely incredible.... i cannot pretend. i have found my true heart really belongs to the atlantic. so it goes...
with love.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

mercury IS in retrograde

after reading kate's blog, i realized - again- how very much life has been feeling a bit tilted lately. i too greatly messed up in the greenhouse this week. And the whole week seemed to feel a bit off-kilter. today i finally felt like i got some of my balance back... hopefully the week shall follow. until then... some more time playing with a filtered lens:

our new neighbors

the hoop house gate
lazy days with bits of grass

Friday, May 8, 2009

a hike, getting lost on a mountain, trees underwater, and pigs

these are all pictures from the past week or so. as i am waiting for the shower to open up... i thought i would share a couple more photos.
applegate lake:
The farm bridge:Some new additions to the farm... (our composters) :

feet: (mine, applegate lake)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

she is almost full

it is a thursday evening. and i am feeling somewhat meditative this evening... and somewhat as though i wish i had a friendly voice to hear over a telephone line, or across a cup of tea, or a presence of a lovely female by my side. life has been good here. but tonight sitting in this big compfy chair wrapped in blankets, my mind wanders. it was a strange day here at the farm. Every bodies energy was low (accept for mine... an unusual first). and i feel spoiled in what i am experiencing here. spoiled in the inspiration it is giving me for how i ultimately want my life to look. For the first time i feel like my life is taking on a direction, while the people around me are suffering with that (all too familiar) feeling of no direction, or too many possibilities of direction. i feel as though all i want to do is farm. with my entire body and soul. there is absolutely nothing i can complain about. sure the days can be long.... sure sometimes m y body hurts... or i feel like i will never complete a task... but all in all... i have never felt... while on a farm... that i cannot get through a day... or that i need to run outside for some fresh air. I am already there... already in the field... already where my imagination would take me in any other realm if i were trying to escape. life feels just good i suppose.

i took these pictures last week. chris let me borrow his really great zoom lens accompanied with filter. It is the first time i have ever taken pictures with a filter attached to the lens.... i fell instantly in love with the process. it gives all of the following photos... what i deem to be somewhat of a warm glow... what others may describe as simply orange.

this one is our newly painted cabin from the back (thankyou chris)

and then the rest are shots from about the farm .

these two... if ever i were to name my photographs... i would call "The Organ":

they are of apart of a piece of old farming equiptment that lies absorbing history in a field. I am overwhelmed by the intricacies of its parts. I am determined that it is able to make music.

it has been lovely to be able to photograph again... to have the time to go out and walk about and take things in. i think perhaps it is how i best process places... how i make them my home.

the moon is waxing.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


i took myself for a beautiful hike the other evening after work... just as the sun was setting. Blue Fox backs up to state forest land and there are these little horse trails, deer trails, and logging trails that tempt you deeper and deeper into the woods... until as i found... you are on top of a mountain. It was such a beautiful day... and felt sacred in its silence and alone time. here are some more pictures:

...and now for this sunday... i say goodnight

maggie's visit

last week maggie reid came to visit chris and i. It was lovely to see a familiar face from home... and have some one familiar in our new space. She and Chris were able to spend some of the days going on hikes and wine tours. And then, last sunday we all went to the sea. This time we were able to spot some of the california coast as we headed up route 101 along the shore, and then went up to Gold beach, which was highly recommended by all. It was a lovely day. A lot of rain, a lot of seals, and good company. Thanks for coming maggie :)

babies being born

my apologies for being absent from the blogosphere. the weeks seem to have been flying by at immense speed... and time found for sitting and sharing pictures feels very rare. but i shall try in the next few minutes ( as chris is making pad thai on the shared stove)... to atleast upload some new pictures of our new lives. Starting: the new baby goats that have been born here in the past two weeks. I never knew goats could be such a delightful addition to life, but so they are. and here they are:

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


our little cabin in the woods before: After: :)