Sunday, May 17, 2009

mercury IS in retrograde

after reading kate's blog, i realized - again- how very much life has been feeling a bit tilted lately. i too greatly messed up in the greenhouse this week. And the whole week seemed to feel a bit off-kilter. today i finally felt like i got some of my balance back... hopefully the week shall follow. until then... some more time playing with a filtered lens:

our new neighbors

the hoop house gate
lazy days with bits of grass


  1. OK, Annabelle, I give up! What do you mean by "Mercury is in Retrograde?"

  2. hey anna (and chris!!)

    I just heard about your blogs, and so i've spent some of the evening reading through and catching up on your lives over the past few months :) The pictures are gorgeous, the stories sound fun. I'm really excited for more stories of farming in Oregon!

    Markets are starting up in Baltimore (strawberry season!), and it isn't the same without you guys! I'll look forward to more stories, have fun and good luck with everything!

    Donna Pahl