Friday, May 8, 2009

a hike, getting lost on a mountain, trees underwater, and pigs

these are all pictures from the past week or so. as i am waiting for the shower to open up... i thought i would share a couple more photos.
applegate lake:
The farm bridge:Some new additions to the farm... (our composters) :

feet: (mine, applegate lake)


  1. those pigs have some great ears:)

  2. That lake is so fun! I just watched a movie you and Chris might like called Bottle Shock about the California wine industry in the 70's. It was also fun because there's an intern who lives in a little cabin (might be more rustic than your own!) xoxo

  3. Love your pictures. Every time I try to post a comment it won't let me. Let's see if this works. Love you.