Sunday, April 19, 2009


i took myself for a beautiful hike the other evening after work... just as the sun was setting. Blue Fox backs up to state forest land and there are these little horse trails, deer trails, and logging trails that tempt you deeper and deeper into the woods... until as i found... you are on top of a mountain. It was such a beautiful day... and felt sacred in its silence and alone time. here are some more pictures:

...and now for this sunday... i say goodnight


  1. oh annie...thanks for the good to see your life:)

  2. anna, i've totally been lurking on your blog since i saw the link for it on katie's blog... what a good adventure you and chris are having. oregon looks beautiful and i love your little house. hey, just wanted to say if you ever want to take a weekend and come visit missoula, welcome! it isn't so far really, by western standards, and it is another beautiful and fun spot! take care --- kara